28 Individual Account

28's payment program is designed to empower individuals throughout the European Union and United Kingdom. With a range of payment services and a user-friendly payment platform that fulfils all your financial requirements.


Spend Unlimited in EU and UK

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay /Coming Soon/

  • 28 Debit Card

  • Virtual Debit Card

  • Contactless Payments


Send and Receive
Anywhere Anytime

Unlock the advantage of having an EU and UK IBAN for seamless Faster Payments and SEPA transactions. Experience easy fund transfers through the 28 mobile app or our web portal.

  • Receive and Send SEPA Payments

  • Receive and Send Faster Payments

  • Instant Transfer Between 28 Users

EU Transfers

Our EUR IBANS allow for incoming and outgoing SEPA transfers to make and receive payments across the EU.

UK Transfers

Every account offers GBP transactions with a dedicated UK IBAN, broadening your options for selecting a payment account that suits you best.

28 Member Transfers

Instantly send and receive payments to other members of 28.

Contactless Payments

28 Debit Cards have the ability to make contactless payments for in-store purchases, wherever you are.

Google Pay & Apple Pay /Coming Soon/

Add your 28 Debit Card to your mobile device and start spending with the touch of your smartphone.

Virtual & Physical Card

28 provides each customer with a personal Virtual and Debit Card to start making payments instantly.


We prioritise security with layers of protection for customer funds and data. Each account is 3D secure, requiring your authenticator app for login.

Easy On-boarding

Our simple on-boarding procedure has integrated software to speed up the registration process.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application has the capabilities to perform all functionalities from the comfort of your smartphone, allowing you to access your account anytime anywhere.


Premium Finance
at your Fingertips

Take advantage of our dual account that provides you with both a EUR and GBP IBAN. This innovative feature enables cost-effective money transfers within the EU and UK, ensuring seamless local transactions. Additionally, our accounts are equipped with dedicated transaction capabilities, empowering you to effortlessly send funds worldwide.

All this can be done through the 28 mobile app or our web portal for easy fund management at your convenience. Once your application is successful the account will be created instantly.

Take Control of your Money


Money Transfers


Online Payments






Register to Receive a Payment Account and 28 Debit Card

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@28.eu