28 Business Account

Introducing, 28's Corporate Program for business operating primarily in the European Union and United Kingdom. Our tailored solution is designed to meet unique financial needs of businesses by providing a comprehensive range of services and tools to support your company's financial requirements.

IBAN Account

Unlock the potential of your 28 business account with its dedicated EUR and GBP IBANs.

Debit Card

Elevate your business operations and empower your team with both virtual and physical debit cards designed to streamline expenses.

Money Transfers

Send funds locally or internationally with ease using Faster Payments, SEPA and SEPA Instant, giving you the full range of money transfer options.

Digital Onboarding

Our digital registration process enables you to effortlessly register and submit all essential documents through our user-friendly platform, eliminating any unnecessary delays.


Optimize your funds potential by holding them in either EUR, GBP or both, tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

Batch Payments

Send funds to multiple accounts within seconds using our batch payments functionality.


Intelligent Payment Solutions
for Your Business

Experience the comprehensive power of 28's all-inclusive Business Payment Solutions. Gain seamless access to a diverse array of payment tools and functions. Effortlessly facilitate both domestic and international fund transfers through SEPA and Faster Payments. Maintain a firm grip on your team's operational expenditures by effortlessly issuing dedicated virtual and physical cards in either EUR or GBP. Our supplementary features are meticulously designed to simplify payments—utilise the payroll and reports functions to streamline your everyday payment needs. Registration is a breeze, marked by its simplicity, effectiveness, and entirely digital process.

Open Your Business Account
in Just a Few Steps


Corporate Cards

As a business, we understand that expenses come in a variety of forms. Generate a Virtual card immediately after registration and order physical card via our web-portal or mobile application.

  • Accelerate Payments

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay /Coming Soon/

  • Spending Reports

  • Card Cancellation

  • Payroll Cards


Register Now to Receive a Payment Account and 28 Debit Card

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@28.eu